Terms and Conditions for Rental Agreement

This agreement is applied when Terra Link (our shop) provides rental service of WiFi router (product) to customers (users) using rental service.

1. Conclusion of the Agreement
We provide User with Rental Service under these Terms and Conditions.
The agreement between User and us is concluded and shall be effective as of the time when User subscribes for Product on our website (https://www.luckywifi.net/) and the payment, therefore, is completed.
However, In the past, at our shop, for those who did illegal orders, nuisances etc, our shop may refuse rental contract.
When User subscribes for Product, User is deemed to have read and understood these Terms and Conditions and have agreed to the contents hereof.

2. Rental Period of Rental Service
The period of Rental Service starts as of the date on which User starts to use Product (the scheduled delivery date of Product) and ends on the date on which User cease to use Rental Service (date of posting Product by User for returning Product to us).
User shall confirm the deliverable date and time on our website depending on User's delivery address. If User could not receive Product by any reason on User's part, Rental Service shall start effectively.

3. Period change of the rental service
After shipping the product, the rental period shall not be changed.
Our store does not return the repayment by the early return in the rental period.
When user has exceptional issue and intend to shorten rental period, user is supposed to contact our store.

4. Cancellation of the rental service
The user can cancel the order before shipping the product.
If the user has a request of cancellation, it is supposed to contact us until 2days before start date of use.
Cancellation before shipping will not occur cancellation fee.
The order can not cancel after shipping.

5. Rental service fee
The rental service fee include communication fee and wifi router rental fee.
Round fee will be charged separately.

6. Communication restriction
We will restrict if the user used data more than specified in.
The data specified in might be changed without a notice.
Our store does not bear the responsibility which about the restriction during the rental period.

7. The payment of rental service
The rental service fee is paid by credit card.
In the case of the contract in the corporation, the invoice by payment is enabled after examination. And the contents of the examination is not published.

8. Extension fee
If user didn’t return the product exceed the date, our store will charge the late fee.

9. Damage and water wet
When the user let the products get damaged or water wet, our store will charge repairing cost .
But if you joined the insurance, it will not be charged. The insurance can only be used once in the rental period.
(The insurance can only be joined when the user starts to order.)
In addition, if the trouble of the products is caused by force majeure, we will not charge to user.

10. Loss of product
If user lost the product, our store will charge commodity price (include items and wifi router) to user.
But if you joined the insurance, the charge will be exempted from a part of the fee. The insurance can only be used once in the rental period.
(The insurance can only be joined when the user starts to order.)
The commodity price is in blow

*Tax-included 601HW・303ZT FS030W
Doesn’t joined Joined Doesn’t joined Joined
WiFi router 42,000JPY 10,000JPY 35,000JPY 8,000JPY
SIM card 3,000JPY 0JPY 3,000JPY 0JPY
AC adapter 2,800JPY 500JPY 2,800JPY 500JPY
Micro USB cable 1,800JPY 0JPY 1,800JPY 0JPY
Mobile battery 800JPY 0JPY 800v 0JPY
Holding case 3,000JPY 600JPY 3,000JPY 600JPY

11. Range of service
User should confirm the coverage before ordering.
Please understand that even within the service area, reception may be obstructed due to buildings, or interference from other providers.
If reception is obstructed due to reasons given above, our store will not be held liable.

12. Limit of the rental service use
When the user use our product in a antisocial way or make trouble to other people, our store will restrict without prior warning.

13. Picking up your device
The device will be shipped to the designated location selected or written on the form at the time the user made the application.
The user is responsible for checking the device upon receiving it, and notifying our store if a defect is found.
If there is no contact from the user within two days of receiving the device, our store will assume that the product has been received.

14. Returns
The user is responsible for shipping the device to our company by the end of the rental period (as designated in the contract confirmation).

15. Scope of Liability
Our company will only be liable for damages that do not exceed the amount of rental service and rental fees, regardless of the cause of damage.

16. Use of products
The user is obligated to have the prudence to execute due care in managing and using the device, according to the terms of use designated by our store.
User can not use product on the where is not the original purpose.
The user must not share, pawn, or sublet the device to third parties.

17. Cancellation of the rental contract
Our store holds the right to cancel this contract at any time without warning if any of the following applies.
1) If the payment of rental fee delay.
2) If user makes trouble to our store or other people.
3) If the credibility of the user becomes significantly questionable.
4) If device get an unrepairable damage from an intentional act or the gross negligence of user
5) If a violation of this contract is evident.

18. Malfunction or defects
In the event that the device, malfunctions or appears defective, due to no fault of the user during the rental period, or if the device does not function properly, our company will provide a replacement device as soon as possible.

19. The scope of liability regarding malfunction
The scope of liability regarding malfunction or defective rental devices, is limited to the malfunction or defects of the products provided by our company. Our company will not be held for defects or malfunctions caused by the following situations.
・Malfunctions due to improper use or handling of the device by the user.
・ Malfunction due to incompatibility of the user’s personal device/accessories, regarding use, operation, settings, or device.
・Malfunctions due to applications provided by telecommunications companies, service providers and such.
・ Malfunctions due to the environment in which the user is actually using the product, such as geography, buildings, radars, household appliances and other types of interference.
・Due to malfunctions owed to acts of God.
・  Suspension of use due to limitations placed on exceeding data packet designated by the telecommunication companies.
・Other malfunctions that are not the responsibility of our company.

20. Member registration
Because of the registration, the order operation is getting easy from the second time.

21. Protection of member information
Our store will not open member information to third parties without agreement.

22. Withdrawal and change
If use request to withdraw or change the membership information, you can do the operation from my page.
The membership information will be completely deleted after withdrawing operation confirmed.

23. Privacy Policy
・Our company will do everything it its power to protect our customer’s privacy according to the standards of law and all other standards that apply.
・ Personal information gathered by our company will only be used for the purpose, or for related reasons disclosed at the time acquired by the user, and within reasons necessary for conducting business.
・ Any information provided to our company that is suspected to be harmful or intended for fraudulent use of our company will be shared with third parties or other network shops for the prevention of fraudulent orders.
・ Further, any personal information shared with third parties, or if handling of personal information is commissioned to third parties, will be governed to ensure that personal information is properly and lawfully used.
・Our company will implement various necessary security measures to prevent leakage, loss or misuse of personal information that we acquire from our customers.

24. Jurisdiction Court
All disputable matters pertaining to contracts between our company and the user will be settled under the jurisdiction of the Tokyo District or Summary Court.

25. Amendments to the Terms of Agreement
The Terms of Agreement are subject to amendment without the consent of or notification to our users. Users are required to adhere to the amendments to the terms and regulations of the agreement of the rental contract.