Customer Reviews

It was the best part of the trip! It was our only hope! As we experienced that Wi-Fi in Japan is very weak, so Lucky helped us in many cases. We highly recommend your service in future for other travelers! Greetings from LITHUANIA! PS we are from Europe! Best wishes! XOXO

Just perfect! The package was waiting for us at the hotel and it was very easy to get internet access. We were in Tokyo and we had good and fast speed internet all the time. We were certainly be using LuckyWi-fi next time we come to Japan. I would recommend LuckyWi-fi to everybody who is visiting Tokyo! Thank you LuckyWi-Fi Team!!!!

We used your service for 14 days throughout Japan and everything worked as advertised. No problems experienced at any time. Ordered online before we arrived in Japan and requested the Wi-Fi device to be delivered to our hotel in Tokyo which it was. Very happy. Fantastic service which we will recommend others use.

Very portable and convenient. Helped us a lot with our sightseeing and daily commutes around Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. Internet was fast, reliable and worked even down on the subways. Definitely will recommend to use again.

We went from the biggest city to the smallest village and even through typhoon this Wi-Fi worked perfectly EVERYWHERE. Consistent network, great device battery, super easy to use. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! THANK YOU!!

Excellent! Great price. Always worked. I will definitely recommend to everyone. Thank you very much!

ありがとうございます! The wifi was very reliable! Would definitely use Lucky WiFi again, next time when I come to Japan! オーストラリアから来ました。

This was a lifesaver and a MUST HAVE! I will not be doing another trip without a portable wifi. I purchased the unlimited plan and it was worth it. So happy with this internet! Thank you!

The access point worked perfectly everywhere I went, It was also easy to extend the rental period to accommodate an unplanned rescheduling of flights. Thank you!

This was one of the best pocket Wi-Fi deals I have found. The price was perfect and the amount of data was perfect as well.

It was fantastic! We couldn’t have done this (5 week) trip travelling in Japan without it. We were often relying on it to navigate in remote areas, it didn’t let us down.

Brand new device. Fast, reliable delivery. Cheapest rates. Excellent 4G connection and speed. Will recommend to friends! Will use the service again!

Hello! It was a nice experience. I don’t have any troubles with connection. Thank you! And for sure I’ll recommend you to my friends.

So useful while travelling Tokyo, especially by myself. The staff responded to my inquiry email promptly. Will definitely recommend to family and friends!

Made our trip super easy! Easy pickup, easy to use, and easy to return. We would have been lost without it. (literally!)

No suggestions. The WiFi was good and super convenient.

Very useful and no connection problems. Sometimes the battery ran out during the day if we need GPS too much. Sorry! Thank you!! ありがとう

I had a great experience w/ Lucky WiFi! My router stopped resetting halfway through my trip, but Lucky Wifi responded to my email right away and got my router working again! Thank you!

Arrived promptly, super easy to use and super convenient for travelling. There was only one day that the hotspot ran out of battery before I got to my destination. So if battery life could be improved that’d perfect. Otherwise, super useful.

I found the Wi-Fi excellent. First day I had it an all day and the battery run out around 7PM. After that I only turned it on when required and had no problem at all. I was in Tokyo area for a week long period of hire. Would recommend. It helped me locate my position and find business locations on numerous occasions.

ありがとうございます! This really helped us on our holiday! Worth every cent!

The battery lifetime could be longer. Smooth service overall. Thank you.

So glad I got it for my trip in Japan. Lucky WiFi was super easy to use and worked very well everywhere.


Thank you again!

Excellent. It all worked well.

Very good!

Service was good, didn’t encounter problems.

Amazing service + excellent product

Very good – Thank you

Very good source of internet. Just take a power pack to charge battery if out all day.

All perfect. Fast delivery and good connectivity.

Worked great!

Everything was so easy and prefect! Thanks.

Your service was fantastic. I especially appreciated the 1 day extension. Thank you.

Very happy with the wifi connection. Picking up from Kansai post office was easy and efficient. Thank you.

The reception of LuckyWiFi was amazing and made our holiday great! Thank you!

It is very helpful to take internet with you when you are travelling around Japan for the first time! I would recommend it to everyone!

Great service. Will be sure to use it again!!

Very good service. Will use this again when I go to Japan.

It works like a charm. Small and handy device.

This was one of the best pocket Wi-Fi deals I have found. The price was perfect and the amount of data was perfect as well.

Keep up the good work and low price! Thank you!

All has been perfect. Nice customer service.

It was super useful and easy to use, there isn’t anything I would change.

We found it extremely useful and simple to use. A great service and I would recommend Lucky Wi-Fi to anyone.

The connection was really great all over Japan while travelling, even in small towns.

Great connection throughout trip. Will gladly recommend Lucky to friends, family and colleagues that come frequently to Japan. Thanks.

Very good! It’s fast, just a couple of times was disconnected but was able to reconnect in a short while! Fast and reliable! Good job!

Great service, device was great and very convenient. Thank you!

The best!!!

Best price I could find and delivery was smooth. Thank you.

Easy to connect. Already charged. Thank you!

Great service. Everything worked very well. Keep up the good work.


I am really really highly satisfied.

Loved the service, speed and price. Excellent deal!

Very good. Thank you so much!