2018.05.25Important notice concerning the strengthening of security

To ensure customer's credit card information being safely secured, we would be upgrading the encryption method to「TLS1.2」 from 2018/5/28.

OS apart from the list below would be unable to settle payments using credit cards.
Please be sure to use devices that support「TLS1.2」for credit card payments.

OS/ Browser version:
Windows7/Microsoft Internet Explorer 8,9,10 ※
Windows8/Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 ※
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 Microsoft Edge
Mozilla Firefox 27 or above
Google Chrome 30 or above
Safari 7 or above

※Please change from default setting as followed:
(1)Internet Explorer "Tools" Button→[Internet Option]click.
(2)[Internet Option]→[Details]click
(3)[Security][TLS 1.2]click

OS/ Browser Versions
Google Chrome 30 or above
Android 5.0 or above(Default Browser)
iOS 5.0 or above(Safari)

2018.04.23We added the Customer Reviews Page.

We added the Customer Reviews Page.

We have conducted a questionnaire survey.
You can check the customer reviews of each model.

Please click here for more details.
Customer Reviews

2018.01.10We start handling new mobile wifi router "Pocket WiFi 601HW."

We start handling new mobile wifi router "Pocket WiFi 601HW."

This device supports 4G LTE ultra-high-speed data communication(Max612Mbps)

You can connect smoothly in crowded space.
It is about 5 seconds fast start up!
You can use it immediately when you want to use it.

Click here for more details.

2017.12.15Our New Year's Holiday

We thank you for always giving us your patronage.
We will inform you our new year's holiday.

◆About the delivery
The holiday is from 30th Dec 2017 to 3rd Jan 2018.

※We will restart at 4th Jan 2018.
※The order after 15 pm in 29th Dec ( Friday ) will be in order of priority after 4th Jan ( Tursday )

Because the new year period is peak season, please order early.

※About the beginning date
Please pay attention that the wifi can not be delivered within the holiday period (29th Dec to 4th Jan ), even the beginning date which you selected is during holidays.
Please select the beginning date after 5th Jan, when your order is after 15 pm in 29th Dec ( Friday ).

※Because of the shipping distance, there are some places where can not deliver. Please understand us.

2017.12.15Lucky Wi-Fi facebook page opened.

We have released the facebook page of Lucky Wi - Fi this time.
We will send up-to-date information such as Wi-Fi router support information and great campaign information. Please do follow up.

2017.12.15The Lucky Wi-Fi official website has opened!

The Lucky Wi-Fi official website has opened!
From now on, thank you for supporting Lukcy Wi-Fi!