We would like to offer
rental wifi for free.

Use WiFi for free

Lucky WiFi is looking for influencers to do WiFi PR. Please send the impression using Lucky WiFi up to the SNS, YouTube, blog etc. We would like to offer rental wifi for free.

Let's rent the Lucky WiFi for free while traveling in Japan!

Target product

3GB/Day Pocket WiFi
Rental Insurance Package, return envelope, shipping fee included.
Products will be provided for free.
You can use blogs, Instagram · Twitter · HP · Facebook · YouTube etc. as PR media.

Application condition

Everyone can apply it if you meet the following conditions

Application method

  • ① Name (It is also possible on HN etc.)
  • ② Medias you can choose
    • 1. Blog / HP
    • 2. Twitter
    • 3. Instagram
    • 4. Facebook
    • 5. Youtube
  • ③ URL of your SNS page, blog, HP, Youtube channel
  • ④ The date you want to use Lucky WiFi