Terms of service

Article 1 (Membership)

1."Membership" means individuals who apply for admission after agreeing to these terms in accordance with procedures set up by Terralink inc.
2."Member information" means information on the attributes of the members disclosed by the members to the Company, and information such as history on members' transactions.
3. These Terms apply to all members, and are the terms that we obey during the registration process and after registration.

Article 2 (Registration)

1. Membership qualification
After agreeing to this agreement, the customer who applied for the prescribed membership will be qualified as a member after completing the prescribed registration procedure. Membership registration procedures should be done by the individual who becomes a member. Registration by proxy is not permitted at all. In addition, we may refuse membership application from those who canceled membership in the past or those who judged that our company is not suitable.

2. Entering member information
Please carefully read the caution on entry and accurately enter necessary information in the predetermined input form at the time of member registration procedure. In registering member information, special symbols, old Chinese characters, Roman numerals, etc. can not be used. When these characters are registered, we will change it.

3. Password management
(1) Passwords can only be used by the members themselves, and can not be transferred or lent to a third party.
(2) Please change the password regularly so that it will not be known to others, the member himself should be responsible for managing it.
(3) The intention display made to the Company by using the password is deemed to be the intention of the member himself / herself, and all the payments that arise because of that will be the responsibility of the member.

Article 3 (Change of Registered Content)

1. The member shall promptly notify the Company if there is a change in the matters notified to us such as name, address etc.
2. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the fact that change registration was not made. Also, even if change registration is made, please be aware that transactions that have already been processed before change registration will be made based on the information before change registration.

Article 4 (withdrawal)

If the member wishes to withdraw from membership, the member himself / herself should do the withdrawal procedure. After the completion of the predetermined withdrawal procedure, it will be withdrawn.

Article 5 (Loss of membership obligation and compensation obligation)

1. When a member makes a false declaration at the time of applying for acquiring membership qualification, neglects payment obligation due to mail order sales, when there is any reason that the Company deems inappropriate as a member, You can cancel it.

2. When the member performs the acts prescribed in the following items, it is the responsibility to compensate for the damage suffered by the Company by this.
(1) Illegitimate use of membership number and password
(2) To interfere with our business by accessing this website to tamper with information or sending a harmful computer program to this website
(3) Conduct acts that infringes the intellectual property rights of the products handled by the Company
(4) Other acts contrary to this Terms of Service.

Article 6 (Handling of Member Information)

1. We will not disclose member information for a third party without the prior agreement of the member as a general rule.
(1) Disclosure is demanded based on laws and ordinances.
(2) We judge to be necessary to protect our right, profit, honor.

2. About the member information, we manage it according to our "action to personal information protection". The Company may use Member Information within the Company for the purpose of ensuring provision of the Service to Members, improvement of the content of the Service, promotion of use of the Service and sound and smooth operation of the Service.

3. We shall be able to perform the reporting (Iincluded an advertisement) by e-mail magazine or other methods for a member, we stop reporting if the customer can notify us of so according to our predetermined method when a member does not hope for reporting. But, we cannot stop by the hope of the member about the reporting necessary for this service administration.

Article 7 (Prohibitions)

For the use of this service,It is prohibited to perform the following acts for a member.
1. Violating the laws and regulations, these Terms of Use, the instructions for use of the Service, (the Shopping Guide) or any other relevant rules, etc.
2. Cases in which disclosure might harm the怀right , profit, honor of our company or a third party.
3. The act that might adversely affect mind and body of the minority and designs contrary to public order.
4. Perform an act to let you have an act and unpleasantness becoming annoying to other users, other third parties.
5. Input false information.
6. Write in a harmful computer program, an email.
7.Access our server or other computers illegally.
8. Lending or transferring a password to any third party or sharing the same with any third party.
9. Judge that other we are inappropriate.

Article 8 (Interruption, stop of the service)

1. We may stop all the offers of this service or a part without a notice to keep an operation state of this service well if:
(1) It is necessary for the routine maintenance of the system and urgent maintenance.
(2) Loads are concentrated on the system.
(3)The system becomes difficult by a fire, a blackout, the act of obstructing by the third party.
(4) we judge that a system down is unavoidable.

Article 9 (Change, the abolition of the service)
I change and abolish all or part of the service without notice by the judgment appropriately.

Article 10 (Disclaimer warning)

1. About the damage that they produced to a member about the disappearance of interruption, delay, cancellation, the data of the system by the obstacles such as a communication line or the computer, the damage that they produced by the injustice access to data, the service of other us, we shall not take responsibility at all.
2. We do not guarantee that the harmful things such as computer viruses are not included in sent email contents from our web page server domains.
3. About the damage that occurred by a member having violated these agreements, we do not take responsibility at all.

Article 11 (Agreement corrections)

We shall be able to revise this agreement optionally and can establish an agreement (hereinafter referred to as A supplement agreement) to supplement this agreement. When We posted this agreement after the revision or supplement agreement on our appointed site, the revision of this agreement or the supplement shall produce the effect. In this case the member shall obey the agreement after the revision and a supplement agreement.

Article 12 (Applicable Law ,Competent court)

When a dispute occurs about this agreement, we assume a district court having jurisdiction over our head office location an exclusive agreement competent court of the first trial.