Rental Insurance Package

Insurance will cover malfunctions caused by the customer's negligence, water damage, theft, etc.

About Rental Insurance Package

■Service name
Rental Insurance Package

■Insurance Fee
400JPY(tax included)/ rental item

■Covered by the warranty
Wifi router, included items

Dropping, water leak, accident, loss

■Not covered by the warranty
Loss, theft

■Alternative item exchange
We will arrange an alternative device by free shipping, if the Internet is not connected.
It is necessary to return the original rental equipment.
*Round trip shipping fee will be borne by the customer when you do not subscribe for Rental Insurance Package.

How to take out Rental Insurance Package

Please select "Necessary" from the "Damage Insurance" pull down in the Rental Detail column, when applying for rental.
You can subscript insurance when you completed applying for rental.
Damage Insurance will automatically bbe extended when you extend rental period.

Device Compensation Price List

Compensation price is different depending on models. Please check the table below.
*Tax-included price.

*Tax-included 601HW・303ZT FS030W
Doesn’t joined Joined Doesn’t joined Joined
WiFi router 42,000JPY 10,000JPY 35,000JPY 8,000JPY
SIM card 3,000JPY 0JPY 3,000JPY 0JPY
AC adapter 2,800JPY 500JPY 2,800JPY 500JPY
Micro USB cable 1,800JPY 0JPY 1,800JPY 0JPY
Mobile battery 800JPY 0JPY 800v 0JPY
Holding case 3,000JPY 600JPY 3,000JPY 600JPY