Travelling in Japan is an overall great experience, but Lucky Wi-Fi wishes that you enjoy your stay here to the fullest. Our pocket router rental service will be a convenient tool for your social media shares and uploads, finding your way in big metropolises such as Tokyo or Osaka, staying in touch with your friends, family or work, and planning your daily going outs to the city.


Internet connectivity in Japan has been a problem for many tourists. Free public wireless LAN is not a fast internet source, nor is it a secure one. Many stores with public free Wi-Fi require you to input your personal information or limit your time with access on-line to only 1-hour. Lucky Wi-Fi wishes that every client can use a secure, fast and convenient internet access and that is why it presents to you an offer of reliable routers that will fit in your pocket. Select a plan that suits your needs best and we will deliver it to your accommodation in Japan or to an airport you will arrive at.


Lucky Wi-Fi is considerate of your convenience and that is why we make fast deliveries and provide you with a responsible customer service. We made sure that ordering is easy and straightforward, to occupy as little of your time as possible. Alongside your router we will send a prepaid envelope for you to make a quick return on your last day of use.

Why Lucky WiFi is loved by many tourists?

User comments


I really enjoyed lucky wifi device. It was very easy to use, and the coverage is so good even in subway trains. The speed was good with 5 people hooked at any time. I highly recommend it and will use it again in the future.


Lucky wifi rental worked very well for me. And of course, most Japanese people can't speak English, so I always need to translate what I want to say into Japanese using my phone using the Lucky wifi. Unlimited wifi access also enabled me to be in touch constantly with my family and friends. I will use it again for my next trip! Appreciate for the great service!

9 Reasons Why you should choose Lucky Wifi

WiFi coverage for whole Japan

WiFi coverage for whole Japan

Rental at affordable price 400JPY per day

Rental at affordable price

Easy pick-up and return. You can pick up at the airport or hotel.

Easy Pick-Up and return.
You can pick up at the airport or hotel.

Connect up to 10 devices

Connect up to 10 devices

Fast Internet 4G speed. Max 612Mbps.

Fast Internet 4G speed.
Max 612Mbps ※601HW

From 300 MB to 3GB/Day plan. You can choose according to your needs

From 300 MB to 3GB/Day plan. You can choose according to your needs

Battery long-lasting. Continuous communication time for about 20 hours.

Long-lasting battery. Continuous communication for about 20 hours. ※FS030W

The rental procedure is very easy.

Easy to use, no setup required.


Your enjoyment and satisfaction are our goal and we wish to live up to your expectations. Internet connection which we will provide you will make your stay here a simpler and a more enjoyable one. We await your order with anticipation.