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There are so many fun spots in Japan!

Tokyo! Kyoto! Osaka! There are so many interesting spots in Japan. Not just that, there is an abundance of delicious food such as sushi, ramen, yakiniku, and shabu-shabu.
When you are in Japan, you may want to do thorough research on shops as well as post photos on Instagram or Facebook. In order to do that, it is important to know about the WiFi environment in Japan.

The WiFi environment is not so great in Japan!

The internet environment in Japan is said to be great compared to other countries. However, free public wireless networks are very slow. To tell you the truth, slow WiFi tops the list of things that foreigners struggle with while they are traveling in Japan.
Japan Tourism Agency conducted a "Questionnaire on Creating a More Welcoming Environment for International Visitors to Japan," and compiled a total of 5,332 responses. The most common worry during traveling was, “communication with the staff of facilities, etc.," followed by "free public WiFi" and "multilingual displays.
Reference: The JTA conducted a survey of foreign travelers visiting Japan about the welcoming environment

Frequent problems for tourists during their stay in Japan (by Japan Tourism Agency research 2017)

1. Unable to communicate with staff at facilities 32.9%
2. Free public wireless LAN (Free WiFi) 28.7%
※The most common location where free WiFi could not be used was "on trains" (24.7%).
3.Lack of multilingual information/difficulty understanding (tourist guide signs, maps, etc) 23.6%

Stress-Free WiFi Connection is Essential to Enjoy Your Time in Japan

It is surprising, is not it? Do you have impressions that Japan is still developing WiFi environment?

Even if you thought that a Japan free WiFi spot could be used just like your home country, in fact, it has not developed enough, and even if there is a free WiFi spot, you need to enter personal information and follow the necessary procedure. It is a little troublesome.
Cannot use the Internet freely at all!
Internet environment is important, is not it?

In Japan where train transfers are complex, it is quite difficult to go to various areas without internet environment besides there are not so many Japanese people who can speak English. I know that when you come to Japan, you do not want to worry or struggle in anyways.
That's why seasoned Japan travelers said that the Internet environment is essential for Japan travel.
Lucky WiFi is the best solution for your travel!

Why Lucky WiFi is loved by many tourists?

User comments

I really enjoyed lucky wifi device. It was very easy to use, and the coverage is so good even at subway trains. The speed was good with 5 people hooked at any given time. Highly recommended and I will use it again in the future.

Lucky wifi rental worked very well for me. And of course, most Japanese people can't speak English, so I always translated what I want into Japanese using my phone with the Lucky wifi. Unlimited wifi access also enabled me to be constantly be in touch with family and friends. I will use it again for my next trip! Appreciated the great service!

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The rental procedure is very easy.

Easy to use, no setup just connected.

Get Lucky Wi-Fi and travel comfortably in Japan!

Considering you have traveled all the way to Japan, you don’t want your travel experience to vary depending on whether you can or can’t connect to Wi-Fi. It’s best if you don’t have to worry about Wi-Fi during your travels. Good Wi-Fi will make your trip even better! “Lucky Wi-Fi” will support you with a good Wi-Fi environment so that you can fully enjoy your travel in Japan. If you use “Lucky Wi-Fi”, you might really get lucky!!