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  • Enjoy the internet in Japan with Lucky wifi!
  • Enjoy the internet in Japan with Lucky wifi!
  • Enjoy the internet in Japan with Lucky wifi!

What is Lucky WiFi?

It is a rental service of mobile WiFi router that can be used when traveling to Japan. We can deliver to hotel and airport. The shortest plan is from one day. There are plans that you can choose according to your stay period! Supporting almost the whole of Japan to Okinawa and Hokkaido as well as Tokyo and Kyoto. You can use it for SNS postings, sightseeing maps, business in all places such as spots famous for Japanese animation and manga, sky tree, temples and shrines. Of course you can use it while traveling on the Shinkansen.

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Easy 4 steps

  • Step1 Order/payment

    Lucky wifi rental step1 Application

    Please set the rental period and make your order from our site, and make payment.

  • Step2 Product arrival

    Lucky wifi rental step2 Pick-up

    After your ordered and payment, it will arrive on the same day of the use started date.
    It will be delivered to airport post offices etc...

  • Step3 Use

    Lucky wifi rental step3 Use

    It is easy to use for beginners. Just turn on the power and enter pass code. That’s it!During the dates that you signed up, you can enjoy internet and SNS and e-mail etc.

  • Step4 Return

    Lucky wifi rental step4 Return

    Easy to return! Please mail it in a post of your choice or use by return delivery.
    Please mail it at the same day of the use last date.